Below are some of the many items of humor that I have collected as time went by.

Some Strange but True Stories
School Absence Excuse Notes
Hunting an elephant
The Guys, The dog, and the Grand Cherokee
The JATO/Impala Story
Window Cleaning Chinese Style (some real live phots taken in Beijing in 2004)

Also click here for some amusing images that have been sent round the web.

Below is a sign that I normally place near any servers that I manage (which if I am given a free rain are normally called PANDORA)

Das machine is nicht fur gefingerpoken und mittengrabben.
Ist easy schnappen der springenwerk, blowenfusen und
corkenpoppen mit spitzensparken. Ist nicht fur gewerken
by das dummkopfen. Das rubbernecken sightseeren keepen
hands in das pockets. Relaxen und vatch das blinkenlights!!!